Cut & Groove Records

Lathe Cut Vinyl Records Melbourne

Cut & Groove Records is a boutique manufacturer specialising in small scale runs of lathe cut vinyl records.


Although it is not a requirement, for best results it is strongly recommended to have your audio mastered specifically for vinyl. This allows for loudest possible playback with even volume levels throughout the record, and less risk of problem frequencies during cutting. If you do not know a good mastering engineer, here are a few Australian ones that we have used in the past with great results.

Adam Dempsey

The Cabin Mastering

Don Bartley

Casey Rice

Jack the Bear

Andrei Eremin

At Cut & Groove Records we also now offer a basic mastering service for $75 per track. You will receive a free test cut of your record when mastering with us. Please enquire about this at time of ordering. 


The following is a guide as to how much audio can be cut on the each side of the record at the loudest volume. Please take this into account when preparing your tracks and deciding what size and speed your records will be. The guide is not strict and records can run overtime, although this will add an additional fee to your order. Please enquire when ordering if unsure. 

7" @ 45rpm = up to 5mins per side **(best quality for 2 track single)**

10" @ 33.3rpm = up to 12mins per side **(popular for EP)**
10" @ 45rpm = up to 9mins per side

12" @ 33.3rpm = up to 20mins per side **(popular for LP)**
12" @ 45rpm = up to 13mins per side

Turnaround Time

In most cases orders of less than 10 we can have posted out or ready for collection within 1 week of ordering.
For orders of 10 or more we will endeavour to get them to you as quickly as possible. However, if you have deadlines we suggest to allow 4 - 6 weeks for completion but best to enquire at the time of ordering. We can usually cater for last minute deadlines.


There is no minimum quantity to the amount of records that can be ordered, and we can do as many as you would like. 

Test Cuts 

As the sound of a vinyl record my display characteristics that you may not be used too with your digital master, there is no guarantee of sound quality. We do however recommend ordering a one off test cut before proceeding with larger orders. 




Background photography by Julian Dunne